Toy Making Workshops for Big Kids

Workshops Design and Facilitation

In the growing need for creativity among corporate workers, I have been approached to teach adults to play. I have designed and facilitated several experimental toy-making exercises that resulted in very positive benefits. Whether workshops participants were in their twenties or sixties didn’t matter much. Many of them got in touch with their playful inner child while being on the task of making their characters. The evoked moods during those play sessions like lightheartedness, joy, even frivolity - foster the most desirable quality in the 21-century new work, which is a solid unbounded imagination. And that is indeed the source of every human creation.

I invited Deborah from Gluck Workshops to make the satellite event session organized at TOA.

Expressions such as work hard, play hard draw a picture of play as something enjoyable that – if at all – find its role contrary to „more serious activities“, e.g., work. If something is trivial, simple, or can quickly be done, it might even get labeled as ‚child’s play‘. At the same time, a child immersed in play shows seriousness, curiosity, and positive energy that is hard to be matched.

As an advocate of the importance of play, I gave an interview published by The Journal of Beautiful Business - a global platform and community to make humans more human and business more beautiful. I got invited to the House of Beautiful Business to talk about the importance of play and hold the Toy Making Workshops during the panel organized by Martin Reeves from BCG Henderson Institute.