Token Economy 

book design, graphic design, infographics, icon design, style, format

Shermin Voshmgir, an established blockchain researcher and advisor, asked me to help her with her new book “Token Economy: How Blockchain and Smart Contracts Revolutionize the Economy” (Second Edition Title: “Token Economy: How the Web3 reinvents the Internet”).

I designed the cover, style, the whole layout of the book, all the graphic elements, and dozens of infographics consisting of them, both in color and in greyscale.
The book became a bestseller in its category, and it has been translated into five languages so far. I enjoyed reading the reviews of the readers like this one below:

Shermin knew how important visual information is, and we both saw that the existing graphics on the topic of blockchain have the same cold abstract, boring blue signature. We decided then to create a new visual language, more feminine and inspired by our shared interest in alchemy, witchcraft, cosmology, and nature, adding some playful elements from myself, of course.
Recurring motifs in the book and the back of the cover