Justyna Zubrycka Portfolio Events

Physical and Digital Experiences

Justyna Zubrycka is an industrial product designer and entrepreneur who works at the intersection of digital and physical. She’s passionate about boundary-pushing ideas and bringing them to the market and currently helping Teenage Engineering to deliver their new products for music and sound lovers. 

She co-founded Vai Kai, a Berlin-based EdTech startup. As a Chief Product Officer, she was responsible for the design & development of the company’s main product – intelligent, interactive toys that help children develop their cognitive and emotional capacities.


She has been featured in The Guardian, WIRED, Elle, and more, working within human-centered IoT. Justyna also shares her knowledge about the role of imagination and creativity via speaking engagements at conferences like Huawei Eco-Connect Europe, ThingsCon, or Tech Open Air.  

Vai Kai Dolls "Children should be able to control and shape their experiences with technology, not the other way around" Core 77